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Bridge set up and placement, and sound post placement have a great deal to do with how your instrument performs.

Sound Post
Having a sound post that is correctly fitted and positioned should be your #1 priority. A properly fitted sound post will result in an instrument that is easier to play, more responsive, balanced in bass and treble and it will have more harmonics and overtones producing a greater abundance of tonal colors.

A correctly fitted and adjusted bridge will bring more out of your instrument.
Common inadequacies are:

1. String heights too high or too low.
2. String spacing between strings is uneven.
3. String arching too high, too low or uneven.
4. Bridge too thick causing muting, too thin and warping or prone to break.
5. Bridge thicknessing bumpy or uneven which blocks the smooth flow of vibrations.
6. Feet of bridge not shaped to fit instrument.

Get a "Set Up" Package By getting it all done at one time, you will go from wherever you are to the maximum playing potential of your instrument.


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