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Michelle plays in a country western band (River Ranch) and she wanted an instrument that had some character and that could become an icon for her. She also needed an instrument that would perform well for her. Michelle has Norwegian heritage and when she found out about hardingfele, well that was her answer. Michelle found Wulffenstejn Hardanger Fiddle and Mandolin works on the internet and made contact. As it turned out Michelle only lives a few miles away.

Michelle selected the woods her fiddle would be made from. When the fiddle was in the white (no varnish yet) she came over and tried it out. The hardanger outperformed the 100 year old violin she had been using. Michelle said the action was great and the response was fantastic.

Later Michelle picked the varnish color and the rosing designs. Michelle participated in most aspects of building the fiddle and was thrilled with the results.

Michelle's fiddle is a bit modified from a traditional hardanger fiddle in that the neck is standard violin length, the fingerboard has an arch, and the instrument uses Dominant violin strings for overstrings. Michelle requested these changes becase of the style of music she plays.

Here is a tune from the River Ranch band featuring Michelle's fiddle.

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