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Each Wulffenstejn hardanger fiddle is a personalized hand crafted work of art. Customers participate in the building process by selecting the woods, decoration designs, inlay designs, and varnish colors. Prices will vary depending on the amount of decoration and inlay. A fixed estimate will be provided upon request.

Wulffenstejn hardanger fiddles include the following features:

Top wood. Fine grained red spruce
Back, neck, and ribs. Highly flamed European maple
Tail piece. High quality ebony stock inlayed with mother of pearl and or abalone
Nuts and saddle. White bone
Edge decoration. Laminated mother of pearl and ebony strips
Purfling. Double row inlayed on back and top plates
Fingerboard. First quality ebony inlayed with mother of pearl and abalone
Tuning pegs. First quality ebony pegs or hand made from ebony stock laminated with mother of pearl.
Each instrument is decorated with detailed flower designs (rosing). Each Wulffenstejn instrument is a unique work of art.

Request an options and price list

Each instrument also comes with an air suspension case.

Bows and chin rests are also available.

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